The architecture of Alexandr Neratoff is characterized by the serenity of the spaces he creates, by the focus on their quality, definition and proportioning, and on increasing the value and usability of the houses, buildings and all architectural spaces, interior or exterior, that he designs. His work has been mostly focused on residential spaces: townhouses, country homes, urban apartments and converted lofts – but has ranged from new buildings and major renovations and enlargements, to commercial offices as well as furniture design. Alexandr Neratoff’s projects are located in New York City, Connecticut and Europe; his urban projects often involve inserting modern residential use into formerly industrial contexts.

Alexandr Neratoff is a native New Yorker (b. 1952) who grew up among the Russian émigré community that settled here and in Paris after the Russian revolution. His primary education was French (Lycee Francais de New York). His architecture degree is from Cornell University, which he attended in the early 1970’s, the last decade of Colin Rowe’s residency (the influential British architectural theoretician who defined the concept of urban design). After Cornell, he worked for Alexander Solzhenitsyn and then for noted architect Peter Marino. His office (opened in 1980) continues a family tradition: his father was an Architect-Artist graduated from the St. Petersburg (Russia) Academy of Arts.